Benefits of Hydronic Heating

If you are considering a hydronic heating system for your home or business you should know exactly why hydronics is the most comfortable, cost efficient heating choice available. Hydronic heating is not only versatile, comfortable, and economical but it can also be incorporated into almost every style of home.

Hydronic heating systems are designed to circulate water through tubing that have been installed in the floors, ceilings, and convectors within the walls. As opposed to a conventional forced air system the hydronic heating system has many advantages. Some of which include the following:

Plumbing Contractor Truckee  The Surfaces themselves are actually being heated instead of just the air.
Plumbing Contractor Truckee  Heat is distributed evenly throughout the home so that hot/cold spots are virtually eliminated.
Plumbing Contractor Truckee  With a hydronic heating system, much less dust gets circulated so that air is cleaner.
Plumbing Contractor Truckee  Hydronic heating systems are much quieter because there are no fan noises, start/stop sounds or ductwork.
Plumbing Contractor Truckee  Creating "Zones" is easier giving you much more control over temperature according to how each room is utilized.
Plumbing Contractor Truckee  You can control the temperature of your floors for maximum comfort.

Below you will learn further about some of the benefits of a hydronic heating system.

Why Hydronic Heating?

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When choosing a heating system for your home, comfort should be the single most important factor. After all, we are speaking of not only your own comfort but the comfort of your loved ones and your friends. Your hydronic heating system will provide you with a totally new perspective as you define the comfort of your home.

Some of those benefits include:

Multiple Zones - Do you have "cold and warm natured" family members. A hydronic heating system provides for customized temperature control for each family member from room to room. In addition, no more closing doors just to trap heat.

Warm Tiles and Floors - There is nothing worse than getting out of bed early in the morning to the cold walk across the bathroom floor. Your hydronic heating system cures that problem quick as the floors are infused with warmth.

Balanced Humidity Levels - Balancing the humidity in your home is much easier with a hydronic heating system because it will not dry out your home and your skin during cold weather.

Quieter - Your hydronic heating system works in silence while hard at work to warm your home. You cannot hear the noise of the system clicking on and off in the middle of the night. Instead, you will notice real comfort and a peaceful home.


Do you have loved ones who suffer from airborne allergies, chronic bronchitis, asthma or other illnesses?

Unfortunately, forced air systems are specifically designed to move air throughout the home, which constantly keeps the allergens and dust, moving in the house. This is why filters are essential for force air systems. In addition, if the filters are not changed routinely then the air in your home can actually be more detrimental than the air your breath outside. Hydronic heat avoids this issue completely because it does not require the movement of any air to warm the home. This provides a healthier environment for you and your family.


With the continual rise in energy costs and the demand for more environmentally-friendly heating options energy efficiency should be a concern for homeowners. Aside from the benefit that reduced energy consumption can have on our environment, the immediate benefit is the money that you will save on your energy bill. Hydronic heating is much more efficient than traditional heating for many reasons. For one, water is a better heat conductor than air which means the warmth is easily transferred throughout the home and less energy is needed.

In addition, forced air units create pressure which allows heat to be lost through the gaps in insulation. If your home is not adequately insulated then the air is lost and the system has to work harder to keep the home comfortable. Installing a hydronic heating system means you can potentially lower your heating cost by as much as 20-40%. There are also many tax incentives available for upgrading your heating to an energy efficient design.

Versatile Installation:

The versatility of installing hydronic heating allows homeowners to design a system specific to their needs. Whether you are using propane, natural gas, electricity, or oil you will find a solution. In addition, a hydronic heating system can be easily placed in the walls of your home, unlike a forced air system that requires extensive ductwork and return air systems.

These are just a few of the benefits of installing a hydronic heating system. We invite you to continue your tour of our website for further details. If you have questions or would like to schedule a consultation or we can assist you in any way please contact our office at 530-587-4081.

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